PRETZEL - Butter sweet mustard, pickled cucumber (V)

HAUS MADE PRETZEL with butter (v)

CINNAMON SUGAR PRETZEL DOUGHNUT with salted caramel dipping sauce


WIENER SCHNITZEL - Crumbed veal, lemon, parsley and capers and can be served with fries or potato salad

CHICKEN SCHNITZEL – Crumbed chicken schnitzel, double-smoked ham, melted cheese and cabbage slaw and can be served with fries or potato


NÜRNBERGER - Mini pure pork sizzler, herbs & spices, marjoram

FRANKFURTER -  Wood smoked classic beef & pork with a snap

CHEESE KRANSKY  - Smoked beef & pork, melted cheese, spicy paprika

GIANT THÜRINGER - Beef, pork, garlic, marjoram spices

Served with a choice  of mash, sauerkraut, potato salad and mustard either on plate or in a hot dog roll



Pork maple & bacon, cheese kransky, kielbasa, frankfurter served with potato salad, mash, sauerkraut, red cabbage, bbq sauce, mustard

GERMAN WAGEN PLATTER                                                                                                      

Crispy pork belly, roasted pork knuckle,   haus  sausages,   schnitzel,  sauerkraut,  mashed potatoes, red cabbage, apple compote